Terms of use

About Vraym.

Vraym is a video platform where users can post videos, as well as comments and questions related to video content (“Vrayms”). The use of the service is subject to the below conditions, which you accept by registering and using the service.

Registration at Vraym.

Before you can post videos or Vrayms you must register for an account. After registration your details are verified and (if positive) your account is activated. You can then log in with your username and password.

  • You must be at least sixteen years old or have permission from your parents or legal guardians.
  • Registration is free, however the placing of commercial content is subject to a paid service fee.
  • A registered user may post Vrayms with a URL in videos. Vrayms that have a URL in it may contain commercial content.
  • Users who post Vrayms with a URL or benefit from the usage of Vrayms with a URL will be considered a legal entity such as a company or association. You represent that you are authorized to operate on behalf of the legal entity.
  • A registered upgraded user may upload videos on Vraym. Videos may not last longer than 120 minutes and have to have a minimum width of 1280px. Vraym supports the following video formats: mp4. There is a fair use policy applicable to unlimited video space on Vraym. Users using unlimited video space have to have published videos in large measure and may not use Vraym only as a storage space for their videos.

All actions undertaken after logging in with your username and password are deemed to be authorized and supervised by you. You are legally liable for all such actions until such time you report to Vraym that your account or password has been compromised.

Vraym processes your personal data in accordance with the separately available privacy policy.

Acceptable content rules.

The content of a video or Vraym is subject to rules. In general, a video or Vraym may not violate Dutch or other applicable laws and regulations.

For videos and Vrayms as well as profile content the following applies more in particular:

  • No discriminatory, hateful, violent or inciting content.
  • No defamatory, slanderous, insulting or offensive language.
  • No pornographic or sexually explicit content.
  • No impersonation of persons of companies, stalking, harassment or collecting of personal data.
  • You must own the copyrights to the content or have acquired permission from the copyright holder (Vraym may demand proof).
  • You must have cleared all portrait and privacy rights of persons recognizable in a video (Vraym may demand proof).

For videos and Vrayms in which commercial content is permitted, as well as for profile content, the following applies more in particular:

  • No use of trademarks or logos unless the content is a bona fide advertisement for the trademarked product or a legitimate alternative thereto (an imitation or “replica” product is never a legitimate alternative, even if explicitly identified as such).
  • No misleading advertisements.
  • No unfair comparative advertising (as that term is defined by applicable law).
  • No advertising for Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing and the like.
  • No advertising for games of chance, casinos and the like, including poker tournaments where monetary prizes may be won.
  • All commercial content must meet all relevant laws and regulations regarding advertising towards consumers (e.g. prices must include VAT).
  • All rules applying to content also apply to the landing pages associated with the content.

Content is commercial if it promotes a product, service or legal entity, even when the product or service is idealistic or the entity is a nonprofit.

Complaints and abuse.

If you have reason to suspect that a Vraym or video does not meet the rules, you can file a complaint with Vraym. Videos have a special complaint button for this purpose.

Vraym does not screen Vrayms and videos in advance but will act on complaints, and may from time to time randomly sample Vrayms and videos to verify compliance with the rules. If Vraym deems a Vraym or video to be in violation of the rules, it may adapt or remove the video or Vraym in question. Uploaders and advertisers will be notified if their content is involved.

You indemnify and hold harmless Vraym from all third-party claims for damages in connection with content you publish on the service.

In case Vraym receives a claim from a third party alleging that a Vraym or video posted by you is causing it harm, Vraym may provide your personal data to this third party if it is sufficiently clear the claim is legally valid, you are responsible for the harm and your privacy interests do not outweigh the interests of the claiming party. A court order is necessary only if applicable law dictates this is the case.

Use of the Vraym widget.

Using the Vraym widget you can embed videos from Vraym in web pages under your control. Vraym offers embed codes for this purpose. You may not modify the presentation of this widget and the video embedded in it, other than through the options offered by Vraym.

You may not embed videos from Vraym on a site whose primary purpose is the showing of videos with accompanying advertisements without additional added value content, except if Vraym gives permission for this.

Embedding can be disabled at any time. This may cause an embedded video to be unavailable.

Commission distribution.

You must be registered as a publisher on specific affiliate networks in order to earn money with Vraym. Once you have registered, you can connect your publisher ID to the Vraym video.

When you integrate the video with the Vraym player on your own website, you can earn commission. Please note that you can earn commission only when you are approved for the advertiser's affiliate program. There are various commission options. The commission varies per advertiser. It is up to the advertiser to increase your part of the commission. Contact the advertiser in the affiliated affiliate network to work out specific details.

Prices and payments.

You must have a paid account to upload Vraym videos with commercial content. These paid accounts are subject to a monthly fee. 

A video play and a Vraym click are considered touch points. The costs of a touch point outside your package are € 0,10 per touch point. The remaining number of touch points, linked products and video uploads from the previous month cannot be taken to the next month.

In order to be able to determine the amount of the fee and any extra services, Vraym will contact you after registration.

Sharing Vraym videos with commercial content within your affiliate partner network is only possible with a paid account. 

Vraym reserves the right to suspend your account when you fail to pay the monthly fee. This may mean that your Vraym videos are temporarily no longer available. 

If Vraym manages your account as an extra service, Vraym is not responsible for the video content and whether the landing pages referred to by Vraym work or not.

All Prices are per month per video channel and are exclusive of 21% value added tax VAT. Monthly fees may also be invoiced annually. 

Demo accounts may not be used for commercial use.


Availability and maintenance.

While Vraym strives to have the service and videos and Vrayms available at all time, Vraym does not make any guarantees about availability at any particular point in time.

From time to time Vraym can adapt the service to correct errors, improve functionality or remove outdated or problematic functionality. In some cases this may result in temporary unavailability.

Vraym creates backups of all data stored through the service. This backup is used only to restore Vraym in case of catastrophic errors. Vraym cannot provide copies of your content from a backup.

Intellectual property.

The service Vraym, the accompanying software and all data Vraym publishes on the website is the intellectual property of Vraym. Reproduction, use or publication of this data is not permitted except as necessary for the use of the service, as permitted under copyright law or as authorized in writing by Vraym.

All data you post to the service remains your intellectual property. You grant Vraym a license to use this data for the service, including future expansions or modifications thereof. You can terminate this license for any data by removing the data in question from the service and/or by terminating your account.

Use of the Vraym name and logo is permitted only to refer to the Vraym service or with express written permission of Vraym.

Limitation of liability.

Except in cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence Vraym and its agents, employees, investors and shareholders shall never be liable for damages as a result of the non-availability or incorrect functioning of the service or any other fault under this agreement.

Should Vraym be liable despite the previous paragraph, its liability is limited to direct damages as a result of an attributable fault under this agreement. No liability exists for indirect damages such as lost profits or turnover or loss of data. Further, no liability exists in cases of force majeure.

Other terms.

This agreement is entered into for an indefinite period of time. Both you and Vraym can terminate this agreement at any time.

Unless otherwise agreed, there is a cancellation period of at least 30 days for a paid account. You can use your account settings page to indicate termination or by sending an email to contact@vraym.com.

Vraym may change this agreement at any time, provided at least thirty days prior notification is given through the service. You can then terminate the agreement if you disagree with the changes. Continued use after the date of change constitutes acceptance of the changed terms.

This agreement is subject to Dutch law. Any conflicts that cannot be resolved amicably shall be brought before the competent court for the principal place of business of Vraym in the Netherlands (unless mandatory law dictates otherwise).

Should any provision in this agreement be legally invalid, then the remainder of the agreement shall remain in force. Vraym will announce a new provision that approximates the invalid clause as close as is possible under the law.

Vraym may assign its rights and obligations under the agreement to any third party that acquires the service from it.


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